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Yume is ordinary High School student in fresh year. After wishing to continue her life school in the city, she was forced by her parents to move out to live in the village. Shortly, after Yume settled down in one of high schools there, she experienced so strange event happen to her.

update description- 5/12/2017
This is Aedelish speaking who made this VN in two months, (haha, it's really something isn't;;there's some bug and the assets not polish too well^^;;;)
this VN made for TyranoBuilder Spring 2017 Jam.
This VN has 4 Bad Endings and 1 True Ending.

I'm planning to redraw and polish this demo VN for free and full game for commercial. well, after I've time to do it, since I only work alone and my only friend who made BGM can't draw;;;
so it'll be consume more time, well let's hope it'll be happen or I can find team mate;;;

Hope you enjoy this VN, thank you so much for download.
and please feel free to give comments and critique :)


ESA_demo.zip 132 MB


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Pretty neat, nice art and characters. The English was sometimes a little off but otherwise it was good stuff!


totally missed that you released the game! Going to download and read it right away!

oh heeyyy kuro////

long time not to see you

the game still prototype and has problems, but thanks ///

pff that's not a big problem right? the more we play the more solution o those problems are found :) *highfives*

Hiya i downloaded the game and finished it i just wanna say that i can't wait for the full game and love the end conversation XD and the bad endings are well drawed this was a very good for a demo and the persona for the charterers are well made too, also can I record this? ( I cryed of how Hana died though )

Hi RosaShadows

Thank you for download and give me lovely comment
feel free to record the playthrough of the game^^